About the Artist

Artistic Journey

Dr. Low Lee Yong’s (Dr Lowly) artistic journey is a unique tapestry woven from diverse life experiences. While medicine and healthcare technology were his initial pursuits, a deep passion for art ultimately led him to fully embrace this creative path.

His prior experiences, spanning over two decades, have profoundly shaped his artistic practice. Dr. Lowly brings strategic thinking, a spirit of innovation, and a keen understanding of human connection to his art. This unique blend allows him to approach each creation with focus and a sense of adventure.

Art Affiliation & Membership

  • Dr Lowly is a member of the Visual Artists Association based in UK

Non-Artistic Transferable Skills and Entrepreneurial Experience

  • Founder & CEO, MHC Asia Group (1994 – 2019): Dr. Lowly spearheaded a health technology company, establishing a vast network of over 2,000 clinics across Singapore.
  • Authorship: He is the author of two inspirational books, “I Dare to Dream” and “I Dare to Dream Big,” which chronicle his personal triumphs over life’s obstacles and the challenges of the business world.
  • Public Speaking: A motivational speaker, Dr. Lowly engages audiences in educational and corporate settings, sharing the rich insights gained from his multifaceted journey.
  • Philanthropy: Dr. Lowly’s commitment to giving back is evident through his establishment of three bursaries to support medical students at NUS, NTU, and Duke Medical Schools. He has also empowered underprivileged Asians through an NGO called Goducate Ltd. in the Philippines.

Non- Artistic Business & Leadership Accolades

  • Entrepreneur of the Year Rotary ASME Award 2010
  • Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Award 2012
  • 8th International Management Action Award 2012: Honored by the Chartered Management Institute for impactful leadership in healthcare.
  • Outstanding Leadership CMO Award 2012
  • Teochew Entrepreneur Award 2016 by Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan

Dr. Lowly’s story extends far beyond the canvas. It is a captivating blend of art, medicine, and entrepreneurial spirit, further enriched by his dedication to philanthropic endeavors.